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Top Reasons Why Nitro Coffee is a Break Room Essential According to Science

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If you cannot start the day without a cup of coffee then you are probably familiar with nitro coffee. As the name implies, this cold brew drink is infused with nitrogen, a colorless, odorless gas. Now, you might think that infusing drinks with gas is a novel idea but it’s an old concept that’s still being utilized today. From beer to soda, sparkling water to soft drinks, these beverages are infused with carbon dioxide, another odorless and colorless gas. 

What makes nitro coffee different from regular coffee. We’ve already highlighted some of the characteristics that make coffee stand out from other caffeinated drinks but here’s a refresher: 

How is Nitro Coffee Different from Regular Coffee?

How It’s Made
Black coffee is made by steeping ground coffee beans in hot water. The result is a black liquid with a distinctively bitter taste. On the other hand, nitro coffee is made by steeping ground coffee beans in cold water. Since it is a cold-brew drink, nitro coffee is less bitter than regular coffee. Its acidity is also significantly lower than regular coffee, which makes it an excellent alternative drink for people who suffer from digestive issues. 

How It’s Served
Regular coffee is often served hot or iced. Nitro coffee is served on tap and never over ice. The drink is served this way to build and retain nitro coffee’s distinct foamy head and creamy top. The tap features a pressurized valve that contributes to the drink’s silky, frothy consistency too. Nitro coffee used to be a coffee-shop-experience only but canned nitro coffee is now available too. You can also make nitro coffee at home if you have a pour-over coffee maker or a whipped cream dispenser. 

Texture and Flavor
Unlike regular coffee, which tastes bitter, nitro coffee has a creamy consistency and natural sweetness. The froth gives the perception of sweetness by hitting the tongue’s taste receptors at different places at once. Since it’s sweet and creamy, nitro coffee doesn't need additives such as cream, milk and/or sugar. This is great news for people who are watching their weight or those with food sensitivities. 

Apart from its delicious and luxurious taste and consistency, nitro coffee contains more caffeine than your regular cup of coffee. In addition, the caffeine in nitro coffee absorbs faster into the bloodstream than regular coffee. If you are fighting to stay awake, nitro coffee is the better drink compared to coffee. 

6 Reasons Why Nitro Coffee is a Break Room Essential

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Being chained to a desk, slaving away for 8 to 9 hours, and feeling lethargic or exhausted all the time, does this sound like your regular day at the office? If the answer is yes then you are probably drinking coffee to perk up dulling senses. Coffee breaks are always welcome when you are tired, overwhelmed, and in dire need of a time-out! 

Coffee is one of the most popular products in the world. It is widely consumed at home and in the office at a greater volume than any other beverage besides water. Coffee also powers countless industries all over the world. This drink has been a staple in the office because it boosts productivity and satisfaction among hardworking employees. This is one of the reasons why nitro coffee is slowly taking over coffee shops and break rooms all over the country. So what makes nitro coffee a break room essential? 

Coffee Boosts Mental and Physical Performance
Whether you spend most of your working day sitting on a chair or on your feet, you know that all activities are much easier to complete when your mental and physical performance are at their peak. But it’s hard to stay focused when your mind and body are slowly fading away and fast! Nitro coffee is proven to improve mental and physical performance.
Studies show that caffeine in coffee boosts cognitive performance, improves mental alertness, and enhances memory, particularly in sleep-deprived individuals. In addition, coffee enhances physical performance by boosting endurance and stamina. The effects of caffeine among workers are well documented by science. It helps perk up fatigue workers, minimizes work-related injuries,  and improves the overall safety of workers. A cup of nitro coffee goes a long, long way in terms of perking up dulling senses especially in mentally and physically demanding jobs. 

Improves Productivity in the Workplace
We all know coffee perks up the senses but did you know that drinking coffee while working increases productivity by at least 19%? A London-based company compared the impact of decaf coffee and regular coffee on workplace performance and found evidence that cold brew coffee, in particular, increases their employees’ productivity even more than hot brewed coffee. Nitro coffee is not only made from cold brew coffee, but it also contains 30% more caffeine than regular coffee. 

Supports Friendship and Solidarity
It is no surprise that coffee is one of the most unifying products in any industry. It’s found in offices everywhere. Ever wonder why this is the case? Apart from enhancing employees’ overall performance, nitro coffee also improves mood, motivate employees to work harder and supports camaraderie in the workforce. In a typical office setting, coffee breaks itself works like a social interaction between employees. 
A study conducted at the MIT in 2010 highlighted the importance of coffee breaks in the office. The study found that employees who took coffee breaks together led to a significant increase in productivity. Researchers concluded that coffee breaks provide a forum within which employees can share their personal and work-related experiences, which resulted in a lift in overall performance. Coffee breaks have turned into an avenue wherein workers could build new friendships and strengthen existing professional relationships. Perhaps, this is the reason why coffee drinkers are generally happier and more satisfied in their jobs. 

Reduces Common Aches and Pains
Being chained to your desk for hours on end isn’t healthy at all. If this sound like your usual day at the office then drinking nitro coffee may just be the thing you need to banish common aches and pains that come from sitting for too long. 
A study by the National Institute of Health found that consuming caffeine before performing any type of pain-inducing computer work leads to reduce pain development compared to participants who did not consume coffee at all. Although this study needs more research, it shows that caffeine can somehow moderate pain. 
Another study found that caffeine plays an important role in pain modulation. It can reduce inflammation, ease common and tension headaches as well as migraine headaches. According to WebMD, combining common painkillers - such as aspirin or acetaminophen - with caffeine enhances the effects of the drugs at a much faster rate.

Coffee helps reduce stress

Eases Stress Caused by Sleep Deprivation
A cup of nitro coffee works wonders for the sleep deprived! The aroma of coffee alone helps perk up the senses while reducing stress levels! A study conducted by South Korean scientists explored the effects of coffee aroma to lab animals.
Researchers found that lab animals that are exposed to coffee aroma have more of the proteins that protect nerve cells from stress-related damage compared to lab animals that were not exposed to coffee aroma at all. Although the study is not directly related to alleviating work-related stress, smelling coffee aroma alone could reduce the stress that results from being sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation related stress is common in the workplace and most times, it’s one of the common cause of accidents. Any relief from sleep deprivation related stress is always welcome.

Improves Mood and Satisfaction among Workers
Workers who drink coffee are some of the happiest people in the world! According to a study by the National Institute of Health, people who drink 4 or more cups of coffee are about 10% less likely to be depressed compared to people who abstain from caffeinated drinks. The study clarifies that caffeine high isn’t causing the shift in a person’s mood because drinking coke, another caffeinated drink, is linked to depression. 
Another study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health researchers found that people who drink coffee reduce their risk of suicide by a whopping 50%. According to researchers, coffee has mild antidepressant properties that aid in the production of happy hormones serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline.
Some researchers believe that coffee drinkers are much happier because the drink contains antioxidants; others believe that engaging in any type of enjoyable activities in the workplace, including taking coffee breaks, could be the reason why workers who drink coffee are satisfied with their work and personal lives. 

Wrap Up

Coffee breaks are an integral part of an employee’s work life, that much is true. As you can see, even science presents key pieces of evidence that coffee drinking has a positive impact on the workplace. It’s great to know that nitro coffee is even more potent than regular coffee. If you are the type who simply cannot start the day without a cup of coffee, nitro coffee may just be the thing you need to start your day right. 

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